Production Tip of the Week #40

by Oracle Blog
Production Tip of the Week #40

Production Tip of the Week #40

These quick production tips will definitely save you time in the studio and improve your workflow.

To create wide pads or synths, try duplicating the track and adding an auto-panner to the duplicate track.

Whether it's a pad, a synth, or even some hi-hats, this trick is a great way to add some wideness & movement to your production.

It's so easy to do too! Just duplicated the pad or synth & on the duplication, add an "auto-panner."

Then, blend the original & duplicated track to taste.

You will want to play around with the speed & the width of the "auto-panner" & each track might call for a different style & need.

If your pad or synth isn't the main instrument for your chord or melody, then a lot of times you don't even need to duplicate the instrument.

Just put the "auto-panner" right on the original source!

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