Platinum Era Drums

Beyond Samples: Experience Genuine Trap Artistry.

Your Ultimate Trap Drum Suite

Make Trap Beats That Hit Hard & Stand Out

Platinum Era Drums

Craft Iconic Trap Beats with Platinum Era Drums, featuring over 260 premium trap samples, loops, and exclusive MIDI bonuses.

For Every Producer:
βœ… Standard Edition: A complete trap drum suite with 260+ top-tier WAVs. Works flawlessly in any DAW, hardware, or software sampler.
βœ… Ableton Edition: Not just samples, but an enhanced creative experience:
- Instant Drum Combos: With a single click, generate fresh drum kits using the randomizer.
- Preset Magic: Loved a combination? Save it as a preset and revisit any time.
- Begin with the Best: Kickstart your projects with included drum presets, each embodying trap's essence.

Why settle for basic? With Platinum Era Drums, make beats that stand out, whether you're an Ableton pro or using another DAW.

Producers Speak: The Golden Era Drums Experience

Comes in 2 Different Versions

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Ultimate Trap Drums in One Powerful Rack

Compatible with Ableton Live 11.3.10 or Higher

Dive into Platinum Era Drums in Ableton: 205 premium samples offering 1.1 billion unique kit combinations. Enjoy its intuitive interface with flawless Ableton integration. Effortlessly save, recall, or randomize kits, making elite beat-crafting simpler than ever.

Explore the Platinum Era Drums Rack Features

Automatically Create Endless Drum Combinations

With just a press of the random button, Platinum Era Drums unveils a staggering 1.1 billion unique sound combinations, propelling your creativity and transforming your production effortlessly. One touch introduces infinite possibilities, ensuring your beats stay fresh and unparalleled.

Ready-to-Use Presets

Jumpstart your creations with Platinum Era Drums, unlocking over 1.1 billion sound combinations with a single click. Dive into curated presets or craft your signature sound, ensuring unparalleled trap beats every time.

Dial In the Perfect Sounds

Select from diverse drum samples with Macros 1-6 and finely sculpt your 808s using the 7th and 8th knobs, making your sound truly distinctive with Platinum Era Drums.

Mix with Precision

Utilize Macros 9-16 for balanced drum mixing, and employ the '808 Punch' and 'Velocity' for an enhanced rhythmic depth with Platinum Era Drums.

Refine Your 808 Duration

With the '808 Release' macro, seamlessly adjust the 808's sustain. Perfectly mold short hits or let the bass resound, capturing the essence of your beats in Platinum Era Drums.

Introduce Harmonic Warmth

Apply just the right amount of harmonic soft clipping to your 808s with the 'Soft Clipper' macro. Elevate your bass, adding a rich texture and warmth to your track in Platinum Era Drums.

Control Your Dynamics

Empower your drum dynamics with the 'Velocity' macro. From delicate taps to full-throttle hits, dictate your sound's strength and bring your production to life in Platinum Era Drums.

Amplify Your 808's Punch

Boost the attack and presence of your 808s using the '808 Punch' macro. Deliver a powerful initial transient, ensuring your beats always stand out in Platinum Era Drums.

Bonus Racks

808 Rack

808 rack.png__PID:b7bb930d-e07b-4691-9bfa-0870de4efe72

Unleash the 808 Rack: your gateway to all 30 elite 808s from Platinum Era Drums, now supercharged with presets, randomization, and save capabilities. Effortlessly select, mold with dynamic controls like volume, release, and punch, apply soft clipping, and curate glide nuances, all while ensuring precision with the high cut macro.

HiHat Rack

HiHat Rack.png__PID:79f7c3b4-321f-4544-a51b-e8aede018995

Craft dynamic trap patterns with the HiHat Rack, featuring all closed hi-hats from Platinum Era Drums across 16 pads, each dictating a unique repeat speed. Effortlessly pitch, adjust release, toggle repeat, and randomize velocity for authentic beats, all topped with real-time mod wheel gliding.

Percussion Rack

Dive into the Percussion Rack, tailored for discerning producers seeking character, texture, and bounce in their trap beats. Four dynamic pads host a vast collection of percussion samples, each adjustable in pitch, volume, and effects. Fine-tune with reverb, delay, and velocity controls. With pre-built presets and saving options, including randomization, inspiration is endless.


Bonus MIDI Drum Patterns

For a limited time, grab 20 bonus trap drum MIDI loops with Platinum Era Drums.

These loops give you a solid jumpstart for your tracks, sparking your creativity and simplifying your workflow. Ideal for sharpening skills, exploring new ideas. Compatible with any DAW.

Black Rose - R&B Midi Chord Progressions

Designed By SoundOracle

About soundOracle

SoundOracle is a sound designer and producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in music.

His sounds have been used on songs that have won over 20 Grammy Awards. Some of the artists he has worked with include Jay-Z, Timbaland, Pusha T, 50 Cent, and Jadakiss.

He is known for his hard hitting drums and his ability to create unique soundscapes and samples.


Premium, punchy drum samples crafted for iconic trap sounds.

Over 200 drum sounds and loops to kindle innovation and new rhythms.

Harmonized for seamless collaboration with all major DAWs and samplers.

MIDI drum sequences plus patterns, the antidote to creative roadblocks.




Legendary Producer

β€œI saw his technique on how he really pays attention. He really digs for the sound and the sonics.”

Busy Works Beats

Producer/YouTube Inflyencer

Best sounds period. Always know it’s going to be quality with any Sound Oracle release. I love the new Moon Rocks sounds

Mayj C

Verified Customer

From the moment I used @SoundOracle's drums, I've had #1 after #1 on the charts. Whats even more insain is that I'm using drums from the same sound designer as my producer icon @Timbaland. Authenticity of the purcussion loops, music loops and over-all quality is unmatched.


Verified Customer

This site always gives me inspiration when I need it. The loops are some of the best I've heard, and the drum samples are really high quality. Whenever I am stuck creatively, I almost always turn to these sounds.

Wonder Kidd

Verified Customer

Super clean and professional. Every sound is unique and can take productions to another level whether it’s the drums or samples

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Platinum Era Drums

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LOOP 4 – 6 NOV 2016, FUNKHAUS BERLIN SOUNDORACLE Summit of Music Makers, Speaker and Panelist

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