The Oracle Total Bundle

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Articul8 (with Stems)
Cassette Drums
NO GAMES (Ayo & Keyz x Unquantized)
Oracle Percussion Loops
Sample Genesis (Deluxe Edition)
Space Walk Melodic Loops (With Stems)
The 808 Formula
The Art of Transition
The Oracle Loops Vol. 1
The Oracle Pack Vol. 1
The Oracle Pack Vol. 2
The Oracle Pack Vol. 3
The Oracle Vault Pt 1
Vocain Glitch Vocal Loops (Deluxe Edition)
XO (R&B Melody Loops + Midi Chord Progressions)
XO2 (R&B Loops + Midi Chords + Stems)

      The Oracle Total Bundle is a mega sound pack for the serious producer. Every tape processed drum, every earth shattering 808, and every insane music loop is included in this bundle. Never lack inspiration again. The sounds will keep you in the zone for years to come.

      These sounds have been featured on songs by: 
        • Beyonce
        • Future
        • Timbaland,
        • Jay Z
        • 50 Cent and more...

        My Process

        All of the sounds in these producer packs were created with an understanding and passion for what it takes to make industry grade yet unique music. The inception and processing of these sounds include everything from tape machines, vintage hardware, field recordings, and even acoustic coding algorithms written by SoundOracle himself. All sounds are compatible with any DAW (Ableton. Cubase, Logic, Flstudio, Reason, etc). In addition, they work perfectly in any genre of music (Hip Hop, Pop, EDM, R&B, you name it).