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Guitar Loop + Midi Chords

Strumul8 brings the life and energy of a live session guitarist to your tracks. This sample pack features loops performed on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, charango, and ukulele that are perfect for hip hop, R&B, pop, and trap production. Add them to your existing tracks or use them as creative starting points; they will be the secret sauce for your sound.


Each loop comes in a dry and wet (effected) version. Plus, if you get the (Deluxe Edition) you also receive the individual audio stems and a midi chord progression to go along with each loop (314 loops total). Having the individual stems gives you more control over the style and tone of your production and it allows you to make lightning fast arrangements.


The midi found in the (Deluxe Edition) is like a sample pack by itself. Having the midi chord progressions means that you can drop them on to any midi track containing your favorite VST and automatically use your own instruments to play along in perfect harmony with the loops. Another benefit of having the midi chord progressions is they give you the benefit of having chords that you can use to create other tracks that don't even contain thes