Are you tired of spending hours/days trying to get your mixes to sound right? Leave that to us and focus on what you do best – making music.


Your beats and songs will be professionally mixed and mastered by a certified mix engineer.  In addition to stellar technical skills, our engineer has the know-how and capability to mix any genre of music. By using the same gear and techniques used to mix today’s Billboard Top 40 albums, you can be assured your mixes will sound professional and current.


Your mixes will be run through classic analog gear by API, Neve, Manely, and many more! Top notch plugins from UAD, Sound Toys, FabFilter, Izotope, & Waves will also be used during the mixing process.


You will receive a fully mixed stereo track and fully mixed stems of your beat or song. 


One of the most exciting details about our mixing service, is you will receive multiple versions of the mix. For beat mixes you will receive both a mastered and unmastered version of the stereo file & stems. This is particularly important because potential listeners and buyers enjoy hearing a mastered product when browsing through beats; however, when handing off the beat to an artist, often times, they would prefer an unmastered version of the beat that way when they get their full song mastered, the beat is not being mastered twice.

For song mixes you will receive the full stereo mix, the instrumental, acapella, & a mix with no lead vocals. These versions can be useful for commercial placements, music submitted to TV & film, and on stage performances.


Another benefit of having your beats professionally mixed is that it can actually improve your mixing skills. You can compare your original umixed tracks to the mixed and mastered tracks. Having a pre and post mix of your tracks can help you hone your own mixing techniques. 



  • Full song with vocals & instrumentals
  • Professional analog gear & plugins
  • Delivered in 2-5 days
  • Two free mix revisions
  • You'll receive a full stereo mix, instrumental, & A cappella 
  • 20 or less tracks - $95
  • 21-30 tracks - $110
  • 31-40 tracks - $125
  • 41-50 tracks - $140
  • 51+ tracks - send files for quote

    *Editing not included.


    • Instrumental with beat trackouts
    • Professional analog gear & plugins
    • Delivered in 1-3 days
    • One free mix revisions
    • You'll receive unmastered & mastered versions & trackouts
    • 1 beat mix - $65
    • 2 beat mixes - $120
    • 3 beat mixes - $185
    • 4 beat mixes - $240
    • 5 beat mixes - $300
    • Special “massive bundle” 10 beat mixes for $500

      *Editing not included.


      • Stereo WAV or AIFF audio file 
      • Professional analog gear & plugins
      • Delivered in 1-3 days
      • Two free master revisions
      • You'll receive a HQ WAV, iTunes format, & an MP3 stereo master.

        Price: $35.00


        • Vocal pitch correction - $30.00 per track
        • Drum timing editing - $30.00 per 1 minute of audio
        • Background vocal & harmony timing - $15.00 per track
        • Top notch plugins
        • Delivered in 2-5 days

          HOW IT WORKS:

          STEP 1 - CONTACT FORM

          Click the button at the bottom of the page to be taken to the mixing request form. Once you click submit your form you will be contacted vis email where we will ask you to provide some information about your project.


          We will contact you within one business day to solidify the details and give you your quote. Once all of the details have been solidified, we will send you an invoice for the project that can be paid electronically


          Once payment is received, you can send the files using any file sharing platform of your choosing such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. If your session is in Pro Tools, please zip and upload the entire session folder. If you simply have WAV files, please assure each WAV file shares a common starting point. Once uploaded, we will review the files and respond with any questions. we will also provide an expected turnaround time for your mixes.

          STEP 4 - MIX REVIEW

          We will mix the tracks and send bounces back to you for review in MP3 format. You can provide feedback on the mixes so that we can revise the mixes, but feedback needs to be provided within one business day of receipt of the mixes as recall does take time. We will then revise the mix and send it back to you for final approval. You will have one revision.

          STEP 5 - FINAL MIX

          Once we receive approval of the final mix, you will receive both a mastered and unmastered version of the stereo file & stems. Files will be provided in WAV format for disposition as you see fit. 


          • Files should be mono or stereo WAV 16 or 24bit files, 44.1k or 48k
          • For mixing services it is essential that all your audio files/stems line up in the same place
          • 1 free major revision (amendment) included

          LET’S GET STARTED:

          If you're ready to get rolling, great! Simply click "Let’s get Started" and we will guide you through the next steps. 

          Mixing and Mastering Service -

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