Are Loop Packs killing Creativity? Prep work will make you look like a Genius. "Trust your Dopeness!" - SE: 6 Ep: 9 - UnQuantized Podcast

Are Loop packs killing creativity.Prep work will make you look like a genius."Trust your dopeness!"

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"Racks on Racks on Racks!"

4:20  - 10:45
Off beat or in the pocket
(Epic games acquired band camp./Stem Player.)

10:45 - 12:45
Nft bundles

12:50 - 20:15
Is Loop packs killing creativity.

 21:00 -24:15
Cassette Instruments.

26:10 - 30:00
Who's at my door?

30:10 -34:00
Prep work will make you look like a genius.

36:32 -39:28
Naming your child.

39:29 -40:48
Kanye reacts to Donda 2 not being eligible for billboard.

40:48 - 42:41
Spotify goes down.

42:41 - 45:25
Verzuz Documentary

46:00 - 54:50
"Trust  your dopeness!"

56:50 - 1:04:25
Getting back into the content groove. (Ig Gems)

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