Is A.I taking over muisc ", Kanye's Influence. - SE 4 :Ep 25:- UnQuantized Podcast

Is A.I taking over music," Kanye's Influence.

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  • Today our host tackle a range of topics ranging from... 
  • Taking pictures with people you work with, 
  • Is A.I Taking over music?
  • The best MPC for beginners.
  • The "Next beat crisis!"
  • Tiktok 
  • Taking pictures with people you work with, 
  • Dr. Dre and Kanye are collaborating on a project.
  • Kanye more influential as a producer or a rapper? 
  • Pop Smoke's new album
  • Being ready for "The call!
  • Jadakiss VS Fabolous
  • "The most influential producer of our lifetime!"
  • "Logic is Garageband Plus!'
  • The power of Ableton.
  • Putting constructive criticism on other producers post's.
  • Basslines vs 808's.

And much more.

Thank you for tuning in and be safe.


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