SE:4 Ep:10 - UnQuantized Podcast

Producers MAD LIBS "Producers should Stop Doing ______ and Do ______ Instead!"

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SoundOracles New computer has 4TB of HD space for under $1600. Is Stevie Wonder in the clubs in Atlanta ? How the Recession will effect the producer community? Should producers get an LLC? Quantity vs Quality! What are the main differences between a "Producer" and a "Beatmaker"? Is Diddy the closest thing to Quincy Jones? Mixing tips for beginners!  Is Young M.A right in here opinion that R&B is Dead? SoundOracle shares with us what plugins he uses for sound design!  Adding value. Hosts answer if Atlanta is the place to be to break out and succeed in this game? The guys discuss favorite synths and drum machines. Is a MAC needed to be a successful producer? Whats are the minimum mount of processing power you need in a production computer? Best part of MAX for live plugins! How much does studio environment effect the music ? Triza talks working with Rico Love? Best advice you would give yourself if you could speak to a younger you just starting out? Apps for managing projects and to do list. Producer Mad libs Unquantized style.


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