SE:4 Ep:11 - UnQuantized Podcast

Ways producers can make money W/O selling beats !! Meg The Stallion's contract! Labels Vs Independent.

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Would you rather have a Grammy or a Platinum plaque? SXSW gets Cancelled  , Triza knows the secret to IG verification, Overcoming Beat blocks.Things you should know if your just starting to collaborate with other producers, Teddy Riley's Greatness! Is there Still a need for the "Do it all" producer.? How producers can make money without selling beats at all? Selling old Equipment Vs Keeping it? Can i make money off music if i live in a small city? The future or Record Labels. What if labels could trade artist and producers like the NBA? How do you keep up with the new sound and break nostalgia ? and should you be breaking nostalgia? Will artists ever stop signing with labels? What studio Managers are looking for in an Engineer? Music etiquette 101 : Treat the engineers kindly. Music studio going out of business? When should producers be getting beats mixed? "Apple is a Luxury LifeStyle Brand!" Gems on growing your audience. SoundOracle's beef with Brian McKnight. Studio Monitor recommendations and more. Enjoy


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