SE:4 Ep:12 - UnQuantized Podcast

How producers respond when they hear the word "Quarantine!"..."Prime time to stay home make some fire!"

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"Ma, Ma My Corona!!!"  BAD NEWS! CoronaVirus postpones the "Producer Power Summit"  GOOD NEWS! Quarantine changes nothing for us introverted music producers!l
  Drums OR MELODY? SoundOracle jumped over to Apple? Should artists produce their own music? Jay Electronica Album,  was it worth the wait?? "BAD B!*$# VIBES!" Is Jadakiss singing on his new album? THE MASKED PRODUCER STARRING BEATS BY JBLACK. Ways to make your production sound more full without adding more sounds? Sending stems, Is paying for  producer collaborations a thing now? Triza tells us how to get more hand sanitizer and paper towels!  When is it time for a producer to get an LLC? 
Is leveraging other producers part of growing your brand? Thoughts on subscription plug-ins like ARCADE? How many compressors do you need? Contracts in beat selling? The hosts tell us how the moment they made the transition from a 9 to 5 to making music full time! "Corona free" producers are the remedy for producers in Quarantine. Choosing your team,  producing for Money vs Creativity, Producer Tags, 
                      SoundOracle tells us where to find  the ...."ROONI STEW?"


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