Slept on Plugins, Content Automation, "Beat Traffic Secrets" , Graphic design. - SE:4 Ep:23 - UnQuantized Podcast


Slept on Plugins, Content Automation, "Beat Traffic Secrets,” Graphic design.

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"You won’t get the support for your dreams right away... Keep Pushing!’

Today’s Juneteenth episode is packed with gems from our hosts on topics ranging from:

  • Top apps for content automation
  • Alternatives for guitar rig
  • Cassette plugins vs real cassette
  • Finishing your top 5 ideas in the next 30 days
  • The placement waiting game
  • Performing producers
  • Avoiding strikes on your YouTube page
  • The "Mixtape" era and more.
  • Plus, SoundOracle explains why when it comes to Niki Minaj's latest collab "None of this sh** is for me!"

Thank you for tuning into the podcast, Stay safe!


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