Stereo Vs Mono, Being Mindful of your Neighbors, utilizing Swing. - SE: 5 Ep: 8 - UnQuantized Podcast

Stereo Vs Mono, Being Mindful of your Neighbors, utilizing Swing.

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7:00  Stereo Vs Mono 
13:00  Is it harder to make music when money is involved? 
20:40  Ableton 11 has officially dropped.
31:10  Automated Backups 
33:12  Legendary producer Rockwilder Asks Triza why he doesn't like Reason? 
38:57  Plugins for electric Guitars. 
42:30  Meek Mill is a habitual line stepper
48:45  Worth staying independent ?
53:10 Making music for shows vs Movies!
1:03:05 Showcasing your songwriting. 
1:04: 50  Can a beat ever be "Too open"?
1:06:33  "I have never had to clear the sample myself!"
1:08:45  Is Ghost Producing still a thing?
1:14:25  Being mindful of your neighbors. 
1:18:00  Acoustic panels vs Studio foam/ Sound proofing and apartment. 
1:21:26  Ascap vs Bmi. 
1:24:10  Using sound exchange In conjunction with your P.R.O 
1:25:30  What makes a beat too busy?
1:29:57 Will not knowing how mix ruin your career.
1:33:47 Utilizing swing.
1:39:20 Text us!
1:43:40 Max out where your at before you think of moving.
1:48:40 Using reverb and delay to make your beat feel more fuller.
1:55:10  Ways to make your sounds feel like a sample.

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