Tips to improve your melodies, Best ways to increase your following, Pros and cons of producer camps, - SE:4 Ep:30 - UnQuantized Podcast

Tips to Improve your Melodies, Best Ways to Increase your Following, Pros and Cons of Producer Camps.

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"TikTok is like the new stripclub"- SoundOracle

On this weeks episode of the Unquantized Podcast, our host discuss a plethora of topics such as:

  • What contributes most to online beat sales?
  • Can you post too much to Instagram?
  • Banning TikTok.
  • Producer Camps.
  • Keeping Track of your samples,
  • Transitions,
  • Finding acapellas for remixes.
  • Bassline Tips.
  • Branding.
  • MPC Swing, Fact or myth?
  • Cardi B and Meg the Stallion.
  • Is location a factor in your success?

"Plus SoundOracles Unpopular opinion of the day!"

The UnQuantized podcast is a live and interactive podcast streaming on IG. Join hosts @SoundOracle and @Triza as they discuss producer gear, answer production and music career-related questions, and share industry stories. Tune in to build with your production community every Friday at 4 PM (EST)


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