5 Common Compression Mistakes

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5 Common Compression Mistakes

5 Common Compression Mistakes

Compression is a great tool, but there are a few things to consider or watch out for.

• Attack time is too fast on bus sum. For channels like drum sums & the master, fast attack times destroy transients.
• The gain of the input signal is too low or too loud. Adjust the gain on your original track to get better results.
• Too much gain reduction. If you compress your track too aggressively you will squash the life out of it.
• Your makeup gain is too loud. Too much makeup gain can cause distortion. Adjust your channel volume too.
• The
track doesn’t call for any compression. Sometimes certain tracks are better off left

Another compression gem is knowing when to compress versus when to automate the volume instead. Sometimes riding the channel fader is the best form of compression to use.

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