5 Tips To Fight Beat Block

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5 Tips To Fight Beat Block


These quick production tips will definitely save you time in the studio and improve your workflow.

Beat block is an issue that lots of producers end up facing at some point. Luckily there are a few really great ways to beat it pretty fast!

1. COLLABORATION - This is our favorite way to conquer beat block & possibly one of the most effective ways with curing it for the long haul. If you collaborate with another producer, a singer, a rapper, or musician, you can feed off of their energy & it can spark new ideas almost instantly. This technique is almost fail proof! It's great for creating new sounds that you may have note thought of before!

2. LOOPS from SoundOracle.net - Another great way to overcome beat block is using loops. Melodies & samples are good ways to get the creative mind flowing & most of our melody loop packs come with the MIDI information as well, so you can change patches & come up with your own sounds & arrangements instantly!

3. LISTEN TO NEW GENRES OR ARTISTS - Sometimes you just need a change of pace & new sonics. Checking out different genres can be a very tactful way to think of new melodies & rhythms. Plus, blending genres is such a dope way to come up with a new sound!

4. MAKE A FOLDER OF YOUR OWN PRE-MADE CHORDS & MELODIES - This is one that you will need to do ahead of time when you're feeling extra creative one day, but all you have to do is make some 2-4 bar loops of your own. Usually, a chord progression & a melody line with some cool patches is more than enough & then you can move on to the next loop. On a day that you're struggling with beat block, all you have to do it pull up your own loop folder & you'll have tons of ideas that you already made! This technique is also very effective because you won't have to spend lots of time on arranging & layering when you're making the loops. You'll be able to move onto the next idea pretty quickly!

5. TAKE A BREAK - Believe it or not, stepping away for a little bit can make a big difference. Maybe you only need a 20-minute break with some fresh air or getting your heart rate up, or maybe you need a full evening off with a good night's sleep. Either way, freeing your mind can be a healthy way to think of new ideas!

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