808 Tutorial - How To EQ The Perfect 808

Week three of our “Fundamental Series” is a depth discussion on the fundamental frequencies of 808 kick drums. Understanding these fundamental frequencies can be a key factor in bettering your engineer skills.

808 kick drums have become a staple in Hip-Hop, Trap, & Pop music. The frequencies of this popular instrument can literally make or break a song. Though simple in it’s waveform, the 808 can have some complicated frequencies to smooth out.

In this video, we discuss a detailed analysis of the fundamental frequencies of an 808 kick. We talk about & demonstrate what specific boosted frequencies will help an 808 stand out without clashing with the rest of the music. We also examine different frequencies that should be cut to avoid a resonating buildup that can muddy up even the simplest mix. In this video we show examples of different types of 808s such as, the classic pure-sub 808, layered 808s with aggressive transients, 808s with harsh distortion, & 808s with light distortion.

As with any aspect of music, the type of 808 & song vary with frequencies; however, these key elements will point you in the right direction of a powerful sounding 808. Your mastering engineer will appreciate the clean sound of the bottom end & your listeners will enjoy a thumping 808 without getting in the way of the other instruments & melody.

Follow along as professional engineer Eric “Realistic” Michael gives you a step-by-step guide on choosing the right frequencies to boost & cut for an 808.

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Realistic is a Music Producer and Engineer located in the Twin Cities. He started out playing guitar and piano in 2003 and has been producing and recording music since 2004. He produces Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, & Dance music. 


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