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"In this video D-Ski interviews Timbaland chief sound designer Anomaly aka Sound Oracle. You can find his work on songs from Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Future, Polow Da Don and more. Check out our store to purchase kits from this super talented sound designer."



Special thanks to the D-Ski and the team over at Check them out for tutorials, videos, and more.

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Post by angelo m ray on 15 Dec, 2015

I am so greatful for this mesaage and it’s also great to see the real talent get credit. I think you can aleays’s learn and keep getting info to help you move forward. Thanks again & God bless!

Post by Bari on 15 Dec, 2015

A must grab new age of digging for sounds…

Post by Tek.x on 15 Dec, 2015
I learned a lot and it is very inspiring … keep up the great work


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