Create The Perfect Trap Reverb!

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Create The Perfect Trap Reverb!


These quick production tips will definitely save you time in the studio and improve your workflow.

You know the sound! Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Gunna, Migos, they all have that gorgeous reverb that splashes the track every time they say an adlib. It's actually a pretty easy sound to achieve too!

Just set a long decay time & set your pre-delay to be a 16th note.

We recommend syncing these two parameters to the BPM of your beat too!

If your reverb doesn't have tempo locking features built-in, it's just a simple math equation away!

Take 7,500 & divide it by the BPM of your song; this will give you a 32nd note.

For your pre-delay - times that number by 2 to get the 16th note.

For your decay time - times that number by 4 to get the 8th note.

You'll notice your adlibs instantly have that awesome splash that trap adlibs have become popular for!

We have lots of free tutorial videos about reverb on our YouTube channel too! Just go to SoundOracle's YouTube page & search for reverb in the "search" bar of our channel. You'll find tons of videos!

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