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SoundOracle & The Producer Kit presents  "Halloween AF 2" 1 FREE Sound Kit

“FREE Sound Kit: Halloween AF 2
Presented by Soundoracle.net and TheProducerKit.com​"​

The Producer Kit partnered with Sound Oracle to present "Halloween AF 2." This FREE Sound Kit contains kicks, snares, 808s, music loops, hihats, and Foley FX. All sounds are in WAV format and will work with any DAW.

Available from Monday, October 30th.

Until midnight on Wednesday, November 1st. 

SoundOracle & The Producer Kit presents  "Halloween AF 2" 1 FREE Sound Kit



  • 10 x kicks
  • 10 x snares
  • 4 x 808s
  • 7 x Music Loops
  • 6 x hihats
  • 4 x Foley FX

    Genre: Multi

    Spanning the seasons of dearth and demise. Halloween is a time to celebrate Samhain, a Celtic Festival. When people light bonfires and wearing ghoulish costumes to chase away ghosts. Frontiered between two worlds, coinciding before the New Years. It is where ghosts of the dead return to earth. Causing distress while damages crops. Celts believed their presence of the ethereal spirits. Made it possible for the Celtic priests to see the future. These prophecies gave a source of relief. And the course during the long and weary winter. It is where the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred.


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