Gain Vs Volume, What’s The Difference?

by Oracle Blog
Gain Vs Volume, What’s The Difference?


These quick production tips will save you time in the studio and improve your workflow.

Want to know the difference between gain & volume?
It is actually pretty simple!

They both allow you to increase or decrease the level of the sound.

Gain refers to the input signal. So, it controls the sound going into your processing.

This could be clip gain or the gain input on your plugin. It could also be the gain on your preamp.

Since it controls the level going into your processing, it will affect how the compressor reacts & other plugins.

Volume refers to the output signal. So, it controls the sound after the processing has already been done.

This could be the channel volume or even the output knob on your plugin.

This will allow you to increase the overall volume without impacting the processing. 

Gain controls the level before it enters any processing.
Volume controls the level after it goes through processing.
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