Mix Your 808 & Kick Like A Pro

This week’s tutorial is a must-have guide to mixing your 808s & kicks together like a pro!

808 & kicks are used in several songs & if you’re not using an 808, chances are you’re using some type of bass instrument for your low end; this tip also works for bass & kick!.

Mixing your kick & 808/bass instruments together is one of the biggest challenges there is for anyone mixing a song. Both instruments play a big role in how the overall record sounds & feels.

Getting the mix wrong for these two instruments can be costly to the quality, but it’s a common problem for most. That’s because both take up an important section of the low end & since low end/sub frequency waves are larger & rounder than any other frequency waveform, they take up more space. This causes these instruments to eat up more room in your mix than any other instrument.

In this video, we show you the secrets to getting your 808/bass & kicks to blend & to be well balanced in your mix. We show you how to avoid clashes by EQing the right parts & we show you a sure way to get the most out of your side-chaining every time!

Follow along as professional engineer Realistic shows you how to mix your 808 & kick together like a pro! 
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