Multiple De-Essers: Vocal Mixing Tips

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Multiple De-Essers: Vocal Mixing Tips


These quick production tips will definitely save you time in the studio and improve your workflow.

De-Essers are very useful for sibilance & reducing harshness. Often times it's common practice to place one De-esser on your vocal & ease up on the high frequencies; however, did you know a second De-esser on your chain will help with sibilance?

The higher range between 5-13k is the common area to target, but you should consider some of the upper midshipmen's as well like 2-4k.

Sibilance is usually more complicated than just higher frequencies. It's a complex problem & there are some lower frequencies that can cause problems too. 

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Often times, the human voice is more complex than just one problem area for sibilance.
You may need to use more than the de-esser on a single vocal.

A lot of times we want to aim for the higher frequencies when de-essing 5-13k. That is usually a problem area & worth the essing; however, a second de-esser should be considered also in a slightly lower area like 2-4k. Often times sibilance hits hard in a higher & lower area at once.

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