Music Producer Mastermind Meeting 2018

Music Producer Mastermind Meeting 2018

The first Music Producer Mastermind Meeting was held in Love and Laughter Studios in Anaheim, CA (Jan. 25-28, 2018). On this panel, we talk about how to get placements, how to connect with other producers, and much more!

This is Day 2 of 4.

This seminar was full of strategies you can apply as a music producer in this modern music business.

Main topics of the panel discussions were interrelated and revolved around the following themes/lessons:

  • Building your brand/reputation: What pops in someone’s head when they think of you? What comes easy to you and difficult to others?
  • Goal-setting: Crucial step in any business/profession/passion. What are you trying to accomplish and more importantly, why? (Asking so what over and over again)
  • Setting your intention: Creating specific goals for the beat/project/outcome
  • Developing a message: Create content that speaks to an audience
  • Naming your projects: Song and beat title psychology (similar to other psychologies in fast-food (yellow/red colors), shopping, consumer behavior)
  • Narrowing your focus: Avoiding changing goals and being sidetracked by different distractions; such as fame, awards, number of streams/plays
  • Work Ethic/Commitment: Working hard, discipline and being consistent
  • Authenticity: Earning trust (Universal trait in all aspects life). Producers only work with people that they trust
  • The Journey of Self-discovery
  • The Power of Relationships: Creating value for those above you in vertical relationships (Thirst vs. Hunger)
  • Understand the business: Don’t just have your head down making beats or songs for years 
  • Independence in the Music Business: Distribution, assessing and reaching communities, monetizing your products, exploring business models, contracts, splits
  • Building and maintaining email lists: Creating a community and providing value to your followers
  • Routines/life hacks: Work techniques – Pomodoro Technique (Time management/Avoiding fatigue)
  • How to get better at producing: Practice remaking songs you like, study the billboards, constant re-evaluation and improving sound, seek feedback
  • Investing in your future: First invest time to earn money than invest money to buy time
  • 10X rule: Whatever you think you are going to do. It’s 10 times harder than you think 
  • Teaching: If you can teach you can lead and generate another stream of income while helping others enhance their skill-sets
  • Influence: Impacting the world through growth and contribution 


We even had friends:

1.    Game – Producer/Entrepreneur/Music Production Tutorial Master
2.    Curtiss King – Produceneur, Producer/Entrepreneur, Recording Artist, Author of “The Prosperous Hip Hop Producer”
3.    Sound Oracle – Sound Designer for Timbaland and Polow Da Don
4.    Triza – Sound Designer, DJ & Producer for Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, Rico Love and Sean Kingston
5.    Postman – Producer/Entrepreneur (Selling Beats Online)
6.    Diego Ave – 2X Grammy Platinum Producer – Chris Brown, Swae Lee, Kevin Gates, Jeremih, Trey Songs, Schoolboi, Ross, Game, PnB, French, TI, Outkast
7.    Kerry “Krucial” Brothers – “Krucial Keys” – Grammy-Award Winning Producer/Songwriter for Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, and K’naan
8.    Louis King – International Touring Artist

    Not only did we share our producer insider tricks, we also had the live Unquantized Podcast during the seminar.

    Credit to Chris ThompsonMusic Producer Mastermind Meeting Recap and Reflections

    Shot by Jay Yachetta

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