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This is usually a process you want to save for the mastering stages.

By enabling the oversampling function on your limiter, your overall master will result in a cleaner sound & allow you to push the limiter a little bit more.

Some compressors & distortion plugins also have this function & can yield for a cleaner & smoother sound when applied.

This function can be pretty intensive on your CPU, so if you don't have a lot of CPU power, it may be best to save enabling this for last.

We recommend 4x or 8x; however, if your system is powerful enough, you can try for higher rates & use your ears to decide if you're getting a better sound quality.

Just give each one a listen to determine which ones sounds best for that mix. Believe it or not, some mixes will sound better with a lower rate while others will sound better with a higher rate. 


Learn how Auto-Tune & Melodyne Work!

These days it's pretty standard for a vocal mix to have some form of pitch correction applied to them.

That's why we felt it so was important for us to dedicate entire chapters to both Auto-Tune & Melodyne.

We'll show you how every parameter & tool works in both of these powerful software's & we even show you some fun FX you can create with both software!

The Art Of Vocal Mixing is our brand new online course & it's packed with over 150 videos & 14 hours of professional mixing skills & techniques.

What's included?

  • Over 150 high-quality tutorial videos
  • Over 14 hours of expert techniques
  • Useful mixing guides in PDF form
  • An easy to understand, concise layout
  • A beautifully designed interface
  • Small, digestible chapters with quick access to the info you need
  • Everything you need to know to mix your vocals professionally
  • A bonus sound kit made by SoundOracle himself!


Producers have eagerly been awaiting this groundbreaking video course & it's finally available to access. Giving your beats a professional mix is a standard that's expected from major labels & publishing companies when trying to get your beats placed. Our brand new coursework will teach you everything you need to know to ensure your beats have an outstanding mix & loud clean master. Save thousands of dollars by not having to enroll in school & save hundreds of hours from watching the wrong the tutorials.

What's included?

  • Over 5 hours of expert techniques
  • Mixing cheat sheets in PDF form
  • An easy to understand, concise layout
  • Small, digestible chapters with quick access to the info you need
  • Everything you need to know to mix your beats professionally

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