Production Tip Of The Week #16

Production Quick Tip of the Week #16

Another well-known classic technique, but still a goodie!

Chords are great fundamentals for beats & songs. Sometimes all you need is a couple of chords in root position & you're good to go; however, inverting the chords can be a great tool to switch a few octaves up or add a different vibe to some of your songs & productions.

For instance, a Cmin chord is C, Eb, G. Striking the chord in that order is root position & it's still a great sound, but placing the 5th on top of the chord (G, C, Eb) or the 3rd (Eb, C, G) can give this chord a new flavor, while still staying in structure of your song.

Sometimes it's easier to play that way too, such as going from a GMaj in root position (G, B, D) to a Cmin in 2nd inversion (G, C, Eb)!

    Have a productive week, Be Different. Be Dope.



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