Production Tip Of The Week #17

Production Quick Tip of the Week #17

Multi-band compressors are a great tool to use when there are certain frequencies in an instrument that are causing issues.

This style of compression will let you choose a specific frequency range & allow you to compress it down when that frequency range reaches past the threshold you set.

I also like using multi-band compressors on things like lead vocals. I still use a regular compressor in my chain; however, multi-band is useful for ducking some of that harsh resonance in the 2-3k range & a little bit of that boxy muffle sound in the low mids.

It can be a useful approach sometimes rather than completely cutting those frequencies. It’s extra clutch because, for most of the song, those frequencies are still there - allowing the vocal feel full & natural - but the multi-band will just push them down when they start building up too much.

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