Production Tip Of The Week #19

Production Quick Tip of the Week #19

Limiters are a common used tool when mastering. Limiters allow for a great way to set a ceiling while still being able to increase the overall loudness of the track.

It can be tricky to find the right overall balance though. Some times it may be too loud, or in most cases someone will set it to a level that's way too loud which will damage the quality of the track causing clipping, distortion, & crackling sounds.

If you have a LUFS meter, it can be an easy way to set the correct level each time. Streaming standards are roughly at -14 LUFS & SoundCloud/CD standards are roughly around -9 LUFS. If you don't have a LUFS meter, WAVES makes a cheap one called "WLM" meter. 

iZotope makes a more expensive one called "Insight". iZotope's Ozone also has a built in one & my personal favorite is FabFilters limiter - Pro-L2 - because it's a limiter that has a built in LUFS meter!

    Have a productive week, Be Different. Be Dope.



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