Production Tip Of The Week #20

Production Quick Tip of the Week #20

Marketing your beats or other music services products online is a great strategy, but do not forget to hit up local shows too. A face-to-face connection is still highly valuable in business!

The internet can be a great thing for entrepreneurs & businesses. So many opportunities to reach audiences that you would never be able to reach otherwise; however, face-to-face encounters is still a powerful tool & gives you the opportunity to self yourself as a person to you clients.

When people become emotionally invested in who you are as a person - meaning they trust you & like who you are - the chances of a loyal & returning customer increases. Going to local shows, networking events, setting up meetings, beat battles, interning at local studios are all great ways to get out there & meet potential clients!

    Have a productive week, Be Different. Be Dope.



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