Production Tip Of The Week #24

Production Quick Tip of the Week #24 


Ever wonder what you should pan in the mix?

By now it's a redundant fact that every mix is different & of course this tip applies to that; however, usually things like lead vocals, bass/808, kick, & snare are best when centered in the mix.

Panning other instruments though can create space, allow for the previously mentioned instruments to have their room, & cover up some frequency clashes, at least when the mix is heard in stereo.

I usually will find instruments that dominate the same frequency area heavily & pan them opposite of each other to limit their fighting.

Another thing I put into consideration is if this was performed live, how would the band be set up on stage & I will pan them accordingly.

Have a productive week, Be Different. Be Dope.



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Watch R&B Legend Tim Kelley and Others Cookin Up With Moon Rocks Drums In The Studio


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