Production Tip of the Week #33

Production Quick Tip of the Week #33

Side-chaining is a common practice, and I'm sure a lot of us are familiar with it!

Balancing your low end is such a crucial part of any mix. The kick & bass share a lot of the same fundamental frequencies, and that's where the challenge lies for low-end balance.

Now, there are several different things that need action; however, this is one step that will get you in the right direction & it helps a lot.

When this technique is applied, the bass is brought down in volume by a few dB whenever the kick strikes. This gives the kick a little breathing room but also doesn't take the bass completely out of the mix.

My favorite is to use a multi-band compressor. This type of compressor allows you to choose a specific frequency range & compressor that range while the rest of the frequencies go on touched.





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