Production Tip of the Week #43

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Production Tip of the Week #43

Production Tip of the Week #43

These quick production tips will definitely save you time in the studio and improve your workflow.

It's Tempting to mix at only high volumes, but switch off between at lower volumes and louder volumes. High Volumes will help you hear the bass instruments and stereo image better, but mixing in lower volumes can help you hear dynamic processing and balance better.


Mixing for the majority of your mix at around or slightly above conversation level is preferred. You don't want to damage your hearing & you will also get ear fatigue faster at louder volumes.

Another big issue with mixing at louder volumes is it's a lot harder to hear what the dynamic processing is doing & the balance of levels.

Mixing at lower volumes will allow you to hear what the compressors are doing better & what is too loud or too quiet in the mix as volume as volumes of the vocals & instruments.

The one advantage mixing louder has is it does present what the bass instruments & stereo field is doing a little better, so on occasion, it's okay to check how it sounds at a louder volume.

It also helps to hear how the mix will translate at a louder volume since a lot of listeners prefer listening to music at louder volumes. Just don't go too loud or hang out with the volume loud for too long.

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