Side Chaining Reverb

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Side Chaining Reverb


This is a useful tip that can really clean up your mix & smooth out the balance between your vocals & reverb.

It's as simple as sending the vocal track to the side chain input of a compressor.
You will want to place the compressor after your reverb plugin on your reverb chain so the compressor is compressing the actual reverb down & not the vocal going into the reverb.

Every song is different, but a fast attack, medium release, 3:1 ratio, & a gain reduction of 3-5dB is a good place to start when dialing in your settings.

Once applied, the reverb will duck down slightly - while still being present - & it will open up when the vocal stops. Keep in mind that this isn't removing the reverb when the vocal is performing, it's just lowering it down a little bit when the vocal is performing, so the reverb is still present in the mix.

Not only will it clean up the mix, but it will also make the reverb sound more spacious & open. It can also give the reverb itself more movement & bounce which can feel more musical & interesting.

You should still dial in your pre-delay though. This isn't meant to replace pre-delay.
The difference between this & pre-delay is pre-delay will set the start time of the reverb to a specific time or note value.

Side chaining will lower the volume of the reverb when the vocal is performing & open up when the vocal is not performing.

We use a combination of both for our vocal tracks. We use side-chaining & pre-delay in harmony with each other! 


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