The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online

Have you ever asked yourself, can I earn a living as an independent music producer? Sure, producers can earn money even without a hit. With the presence of the internet allows all music fans around the world to collaborate and buy your beats. I have compiled a list of the best 10 beat selling websites.  All of my picks can be used to make money.  If you are wondering where can you sell your beats?  Well, look no further, this post is made just for you. - The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online - Sound Oracle

The #1 beat marketplace for producers to sell their beats. The SeriousBeats, Tone Jonez, Dope Boi Beatz, Dream Life Beats and Paul Cabbin Exclusives are some of the top selling producers. Services include a beat store, custom voice tags, custom hooks and mixing & mastering. myFlashStore will educate you in building your online business  and has teamed up with “Mike Lightner of Jee Juh” and “Sell Beats Like A Pro” for best selling and internet marketing information available.

Some Top Features:

  • ●Flash/HTML5 stores
  • ●Custom Voicetags
  • ●Custom Licenses
  • ●Mobile Compatibility
  • ●Integration of Mailing List
  • ●Instant Payment
  • ●Zero (0%) Commission
  • ●Discount & Coupons
  • ●PayPal and Credit Card  - The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online - Sound Oracle

With over 90,000 artists and extensive sales networks. The forum section is where you can participate in different topics, ask for help or get tutorials on how to sell your beats from other fellow producers. You have the choice to buy beats and sell your beats. Hosted by Rocwilder, Grammy award winning producer.

Some Top Features:

  • ●Free HTML5 Player
  • ●Instant Payments
  • ●Extended Network Sales
  • ●Forum  - The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online - Sound Oracle

With over 2,500 active producers, BeatBrokerz is another alternative to selling your beats online. They are a premier marketplace for marketing, selling, promoting and brokerage of supplying Rap & Hip Hop artists with top quality beats.

Some Top Features:

  • ●Sell Beats & Exclusives
  • ●Elite Brand Pages
  • ●Instant File Delivery
  • ●Custom Offers
  • ●Customer Support
  • ●Your Own Website
  • ●Facebook Store
  • ●Marketing Channels
  • ●Music Licensing
  • ●Copyright Protection  - The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online - Sound Oracle

Known as a social media, music pioneers which were founded in 1997 that passed the test of time. Soundclick remains to be the top community of 3.4+ million music lovers. An ideal place for original music fans and marketers who want to creatively participate. You could sell your music as an MP3 download through SoundClick, or get promos such as front page rotation.

Some Top Features:

  • ●Free Profile Pages for Members
  • ●MP3 Digital Downloads
  • ●Audio and Video Streaming
  • ●Charts for your Beats, A Gig Calendar and Forum Boards
  • ●Customized Radio Stations
  • ●Proprietary Beat Store
  • ●Lyric and Music Ecards
  • ●Music with Viral Widget  - The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online - Sound Oracle

BeatStars is the most powerful social music marketplace to upload, host, collaborate, sell and distribute your music worldwide and it is for free. Connecting with music artist and producers have never been this easy. This is the best place for you if you are a recording artist looking for production to licensing. Or, when a producer is looking for collaboration with music sales.

Some Top Features:

  • ●Collabos, Pro Pages & Blaze Players Membership Options
  • ●Get an Instant Beat Store
  • ●Lease or Sell Singles, Albums or Beats
  • ●Exclusive Licenses or Custom Contract
  • ●Download Free Beats or Buy to Download
  • ●Collaborate and Share Music Sales with other Music Artists
  • ●A Designated Website with Choice of Custom Themes and Domain Names
  • ●Responsive to Mobile, Desktop, and Tablets
  • ●Integrated eCommerce Shopping Cart including Hosting and Streaming Features
  • ●Promo Codes and Deals
  • ●Keep 100% of Sale  - The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online - Sound Oracle

With one of the oldest production team (Est. 2012) to provide resources for music artists, to download for free and sell your beats. Anno Domini Nation is part of a music group (Anno Domini Beats) that is a business that produces and provide music licenses for artists, private labels, and entertainment media worldwide. It gets a lot of website traffic that attracts a lot of well-known artists in the industry. It has grown from a small music outfit into a community of creative professionals, as well as an Anno Domini Record who produced and distributed a number of beats and record labels.

Some Top Features:

  • ●Promotion
  • ●Studio Recording
  • ●Mixing and Mastering
  • ●Get Features
  • ●Custom Beats
  • ●Custom Hooks
  • ●Custom Scratches
  • ●Beat Tags
  • ●Beat Collaboration  - The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online - Sound Oracle

Shadowville is one of the oldest beat selling platforms for the entertainment industry. Established June 2006, it is a place to shop and buy beat licenses.  This website was born from Shadowville Productions that provides hip-hop beats to music artists and producers. Top-earning producers can earn around four figures monthly salaries in which the site takes 40% commission and payouts are made at the end of every month. They select and carefully hand picked the highest quality beats that have the possibility to become a mainstream hit. Through their laborious screening process, Shadowville excludes the mass amount of low-quality beats. Thus, providing a direct platform for music artists to find the best beats for their sound.

Some Top Features:

  • ●Album Features
  • ●Radio Play
  • ●Shows and Concerts
  • ●Song as a Soundtrack
  • ●Beat as a Soundtrack
  • ●For Profit Use
  • ●Royalty-Free
  • ●PDF Proof of License
  • ●Exclusively Yours
  • ●Sound Tags Removed
  • ●Track Out Files
  • ●High-Quality WAV File
  • ●Active Forums  - The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online - Sound Oracle

JeeJuh has proved itself as one of the biggest players in the sound beat selling game in recent years. Associating among sale and search rankings top spots. Many of the beats are off Pop and R&B. Some top producers seem to also earn around four figures and keep 100% of monthly payouts. Regular contests are held for new artists to participate, so do not miss out the opportunity to join.

Some Top Features:

  • ●Download instant MP3, WAV and Trackout Audio Files of your Beats
  • ●100% Royalty-Free
  • ●Full Exclusive Rights
  • ●Unlimited Non-Profit Use  - The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online - Sound Oracle

Open Minds Entertainment (Established 2008) is a music community and production store where you can download from a large library of Hip-Hop on-sale and free beats. Open Mind carries various musical styles and instrumental beats that include Hip-Hop, Pop & R&B Beats, Rock and New Age Instrumentals and so much more. This site is best for the aspiring artist who is searching for your next hit record.  Or, if you are looking for a perfect beat for your soundtrack, look no further.

Some Top Features:

  • ●Create Free Account
  • ●Instant Download of High-Quality MP3 and WAV File Available
  • ●Album and Single Distribution
  • ●Radio Play
  • ●Performance Use (Concerts or Shows)
  • ●Community Forum Participation
  • ●Give Reviews on Beats
  • ●Soundtrack Use
  • ●For-Profit Use
  • ●OME Vocal Tags Removed
  • ●Track Separation
  • ●Audio and Video Streams (YouTube, Soundcloud, Etc.)
  • ●Royalty-Free
  • ●Exclusive Ownership
  • ●Proof of license (PDF)
  • ●Special Offers & Discounts for Exclusive Members
  • ●Access to FREE Beats library  - The Top 10 Websites To Sell Your Beats Online - Sound Oracle

PMP Worldwide is a music production marketplace for publishers, label reps and song artists. A self-proclaimed music industry best secret which provides opportunities to send beats to major labels and artists. However, membership is somewhat expensive compared to their competitors. It is also not a guarantee that beats will be picked up from the thousands of tracks being submitted by beat makers.

Some Top Features:

  • ●Free to Register to Access Producer's Instrumental Streams
  • ●Three Option Payment Plan
  • ●Zero Percentage of any Publishing Deal or Music Placement through the Site
  • ●Zero Percentage of any Instrumental You Sell
  • ●Size Limits to the Music Uploaded into the PMP System - 10mb (mp3 format)
  • ●Plagiarism Protection
  • ●Ability to have your Company listed in the PMP Track Dump

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Beatsmega September 08, 2018

All these sites are great, here’s another one you may want to add to the list. Go to

Chester Miles January 11, 2020

Amazing list of websites. You’d better add this website to it. Also European:

Larry Stone June 15, 2020

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