Let's face it, making a steady income from music can be an arduous task.


We all want to get placements and sell beats, but what do you do before that happens or in between those times?


This is a question I often get in my DM's and on the podcast. Well, we have an answer!


Finding the common denominators.

In this day and age when everyone releases their own music independently on various streaming platforms and other media, you have to look at what all of these songs need to sound great.


What is it? Mixing and mastering. I would like to focus on the mastering aspect of it for a second.


Hold up! Follow me on this.

🤔 Did you know that with the proper skills, you can perfectly master a song or beat for someone else in 20 to 30 minutes?


Did you also know that you can start charging around $50 to master a song or beat? Also, people usually get songs mastered in batches, about four or more at a time.


So, what does this mean?

This means that you can potentially make $150 an hour if you have these skills and offer them as a service. 🤯


How can I get started?

That's why we released a new course called The Art Of Mastering that will show you step by step everything you need to know to perfectly master any song or any beat using the DAW and plugins that you already have.


The 1st 200 people will get it at an introductory price. Guess what that introductory price is? Less than what you would make in the first hour of your new mastering business And we also offer a payment plan.


It also comes with bonuses like quick mastering cheat sheets that you can use when you can't watch a video, a $20 gift certificate to our site, and much more.


You definitely don't want to sleep on this opportunity if you're a producer looking to make some extra, steady income. Also, you'll get the skills to make your own music sound even more amazing than it does.

Get Access To The Art Of Mastering 👉 HERE