Cosmo Bundle – This is a bundle of Spacewalk Deluxe and Moonwalk Drums. All DAWs, Hardware and Software are compatible with these delicately designed WAV formatted samples.

Cosmos Bundle

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LOOP 4 – 6 NOV 2016, FUNKHAUS BERLIN SOUNDORACLE Summit of Music Makers, Speaker and Panelist

About SoundOracle

Best known as producer and chief sound designer for multi-platinum producer Timbaland, Sound Oracle's work has appeared on productions for the likes of Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Christina Aguilera.

One would define an Oracle as “a supplier of wisdom and insightful counsel”. However, when coupled with a personal quest to inspire the aspiring by adopting a system of authentic storytelling and originality there then lays the outline of the very existence of who the SoundOracle is.

Successfully mastering the skill to produce music was a dream sketched in the youthful imagination of Virginia native, SoundOracle. Yet, despite the shortage of music mentors and influencers within the DMV area, the producer and sound designer went on to prove that bringing reality to childhood aspirations is as simple as setting small challenges to test the confines of one’s own ability to overcome them. Wielding guts and gall from the sheer passion of all things production related, an introverted SoundOracle galvanized his motivation from the fear of dying in obscurity and set out on a mission to manipulate sound by incorporating the beauty from colorfully transient noise into the Aesthetic realm of music.


Developing as a self-taught student in music and digital culture, SoundOracle courageously took a leap of faith by relocating to Georgia in 2008 where he persistently trekked the Atlanta strip knocking on studio doors with the intent to be heard. After earning his first big break with the Polow Da Don, the Oracle, crossed paths with a fellow Virginia native and is now best known as Producer and Chief Sound Designer for Multi-Platinum Producer Timbaland. In building up his core skills by incrementally mastering hardware, DAWs, constructing and coding his own system of artificial intelligence, production kits, voice technology, & commands scripts, SoundOracle was able to springboard his passions off the premise of music.

With notable accomplishments of securing placements in over 20 Grammy nominated projects specific to Jay-Z’s Magna Carta LP and Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience, SoundOracle wasted no time in repurposing the digital landscape of music & traversing a global road of creativity and innovation with waves of originality. His work has been accentuated by the likes of Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera and many other peak performing artists.

SoundOracle is an autodidact who deviated from a common baseline structure & evolved into a Librarian of Sound. With a vested interest in multiplying his purpose, The Oracle is visioned to instill the principles of production through mentorship and provide producers with incredible sounds and quality resources. Through his website and on multiple social platforms, SoundOracle proves he is everything but self-serving yet he is a staple in the community of music and a true hallmark in the field of technology.


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Moon rocks can best be described as a Swiss army knife style of one-shot drum kit. After the success of our Oracle pack drum series kits, producers have been asking me for more drums in the style that I sound designed for timberland, Polow Da Don, and others.

The browsers of most modern producers DAW is overrun with a ton of Files. Quantity is great, but in real life situations such as being in a studio session where you have to create a beat on the spot or meet a very short deadline for a project, you don't have time to sift through all of these folders to find the perfect drums. These situations are where this drum kit shines.

Completely usable drums perfect for any situation and fast workflow. Not to mention they were Mixed by a Professional certified mixing engineer to sound great out of the box with no other processing necessary.

What's Included?
• 12 808s
• 65 Kicks
• 65 Snares + Claps
• 33 Hihats
• 35 Perc One-Shots 


Created By:

SoundOracle (Sound designer for Timbaland).
Sounds used by artists like Drake, Jay Z, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and more


Instant inspiration out the box

808s tuned to the key of C for easy workflow

Professionally mixed for modern production

Compatible with all of your DAWS and samplers

Moon Rocks SoundOracle Drum Kit


  • Instant download
  • Over 200 high quality one-shot drums (808s, Kicks, Snares, Hihats, Perc)
  • All sounds are royalty-free
  • 808s tuned to the key of C
  • Every drum was professionally mixed and mastered by a certified mixing engineer
  • Compatible with all DAWs (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Reason, and more)
  • Compatible with all Hardware and Software Samplers (Maschine, MPC, etc)
  • All sounds are in WAV Format

Space Walk Melodic Loops (With Stems)

As we all know, we have entered a new era in music and it looks like it’s here to stay. While melody is still king, past key instruments have been replaced with ambient pads, crunchy, hard hitting basses, and reverse stuttered FXs. In order to stay competitive in this industry, it is definitely important to not only stay relevant with your sound choice and selections, but to use them in your own way. Having the right textures and feel as a foundation, can take your music productions and compositions to the next level. That being said, as always, we’ve got you covered here at

I proudly bring to you Space Walk. With this pack, I have collaborated with Production duo Billboard Hitmakers to give you nothing but the finest Melodic Loop textures on the market. These will serve as an instant creativity and inspiration spark with elements unparalleled to anything I have released before.

The pack itself contains 15 WAV format Melodic Loops available in Stereo or with Stems for even more added control in your productions. It is also compatible with all DAWs, as well all hardware and software samplers.

To add even more insult to injury, we decided to process all of the Loops using classic hardware samplers like the Ensoniq ASR-10, Akai MPC 2000, and other samplers by Korg to give you that classic, unprecedented analog warmth and sonically rich feel.

From there, we took it even further, recording everything to analog reel tape for even more warmth and grit. This pack is easily in a league of its own, and I’m proud to introduce this to the Industry.

If you’re looking for sheer inspiration or just exotic textures in your music you can’t find anywhere else, look no further than my new work of pure ingenuity, Space Walk.


This is a video review and demonstration of what's included in the Space Walk Melodic Loop Library. This overview was done by Eric Michael of Realistic Productions.

Created By:

SoundOracle (Sound designer for Timbaland).
Sounds used by artists like Drake, Jay Z, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and more

E-Dubb (Producer) and Jonny Bravo (Producer) 

   Available as 15 Stereo Loops x 2 (Total of 30 Loops)
  Available as 15 Loops with Stems for greater control and          flexibility x 2 (Total of 160 Loops)

Whatever your DAW of choice feel free to chop, reverse, and rearrange these 30 Melodic Loops available as 2 track stereo mixes or as stereo mixes with individual stems for added control in your productions. They are also available in WAV format, Royalty free, and BPM and Key Labeled. Whether your genre is Trap, EDM, R&B, Boom Bap, or Hip Hop, look no further than my new work of pure ingenuity, Space Walk. 

Sample Pack Demo by Billboard Hitmakers (E-Dubb (Producer) and Jonny Bravo (Producer)

“If I Produced for FUTURE with @SoundOracle new sounds :)” Busy Works Beats TV

Space Walk Kit Review by Unquantized Podcast Community Member Mark J Music

Moon Rocks SoundOracle Drum Kit


  • Instant download
  • Over 220 high quality one-shot drums
  • All sounds are royalty-free
  • 808s tuned to the key of C
  • Every drum was professionally mixed and mastered by a certified mixing engineer
  • Compatible with all DAWs (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Reason, and more)
  • Compatible with all Hardware and Software Samplers (Maschine, MPC, etc)
  • All loops are in WAV Format


Legendary Producer

“I saw his technique on how he really pays attention. He really digs for the sound and the sonics.”

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Busy Works Beats

Producer/YouTube Influencer

Best sounds period. Always know it’s going to be quality with any Sound Oracle release. I love the new Moon Rocks sounds

Mayj C

Verified Customer

From the moment I used @SoundOracle's drums, I've had #1 after #1 on the charts. Whats even more insain is that I'm using drums from the same sound designer as my producer icon @Timbaland. Authenticity of the purcussion loops, music loops and over-all quality is unmatched.


Verified Customer

This site always gives me inspiration when I need it. The loops are some of the best I've heard, and the drum samples are really high quality. Whenever I am stuck creatively, I almost always turn to these sounds.

Wonder Kidd

Verified Customer

Super clean and professional. Every sound is unique and can take productions to another level whether it’s the drums or samples