Pre-Delay Explained


This week’s tutorial is a step-by-step guide to parameter found on reverbs called pre-delay.

Reverb is an incredible tool for creating depth & space, but if it’s used incorrectly it can create muddiness & a crowded mix. Luckily there are parameters that can not only fix this issue, but help create a spacious & dreamy sounding reverb.

Pre-delay is the gap of time between the direct sound & the decay of the sound. When used properly this tool can help create the perfect amount of space between your audio source & the reverb. We will be using some math in this video, so get your calculators ready & be prepared to become an expert at pre-delay!

Follow along as professional engineer Eric “Realistic” Michael breaks down his techniques to executing the perfect pre-delay.


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Realistic is a music producer and engineer located in the Twin Cities. He has been producing music for Hip-Hop & Pop music since 2004. In 2017 he graduated with an AAS in Music Production & Engineering. He is a producer for Pharaoh & Alexis Krystine. Realistic is SoundOracle’s head engineer in which he mixes/masters the loop & drum kits for & mixes for the websites mixing service as well.

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Brian February 11, 2019

Just wanted to give a big up for a great tutorial!
Great delivery and great content, please keep it up.


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